Master Alabaster Craftspeople

Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro is a centre of artisan excellence at the service of Design.

For over 125 years,
we have been doing research and have been manufacturing alabaster items
with a unique and contemporary design.

Artieri Alabastro, Master Craftspeople since 1895

Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro Volterra is a historic entity that strives to keep alive the Volterra tradition of alabaster craftsmanship.

The people and artisans who belong to this cooperative continue with passion to design and manufacture alabaster items with a classic and modern design, also through important collaborations.

Their intent is to make this entity as known as possible to ensure that a unique artisan skill is not lost. It is possible to contribute to the achievement of this goal by participating in guided tours, training courses and educational workshops offered by the Cooperative at its headquarters.


Tradition and artisan excellence come together in the name of beauty and the enhancement of light. More than 125 years of experience at the service of design.

We design in-house and collaborate with many contemporary designers to create exclusive alabaster items.


Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro holds training courses and educational workshops at its head office.

Corsi di formazione addetti alla lavorazione dell'alabastro
Guided tours

Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro offers guided atelier tours for groups of tourists or students of any level or course; a tour designed so as to have participants become well acquainted with the different steps involved in the processing of this noble stone. Prior booking required.

visite guidate alla scoperta di un laboratorio di alabastro

Professionalità, Qualità

Lavori davvero belli e molto rifiniti. Il laboratorio interno aggiunge meraviglia ai prodotti esposti.

- Luciano Leonetti

In 2020, we were acknowledged as a National Historic Enterprise by Union Camere, an accolate we hold with immense pride, and were therefore entered in the Register of National Historic Companies.

Where we are

Offices and Workshop

Via Padre Eugenio Barsanti, 28
56048 Volterra (Pisa)


Piazza dei Priori, 5
56048 Volterra (Pisa)

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