Frequently Asked Questions
How do you clean and preserve alabaster?

Handle with care to prevent breakage, cracking or chipping of the thinner parts.
Alabaster is a porous stone with a certain level of humidity: traditional polishing with natural waxes that most objects undergo does not alter these physical characteristics.
Just like wood or leather, alabaster should be treated with fatty substances. Neutral furniture wax, Vaseline oil or other delicate oils, or even fatty skin cream are therefore indicated.

If there are small dimples on the surface, leave on them a cotton ball soaked in Vaseline oil for a few hours.
Never wash with water, detergents, alcoholic or corrosive substances.
These tips are not applicable to our bathroom articles, which are subjected to a specific water-repellent treatment so they can be washed with a neutral detergent and a non-abrasive sponge.
For items made of raw alabaster, not polished with wax, it is recommended to simply dust them with a soft cloth. The same applies to items with graffiti decorations.
Do not use as containers for wet or acidic food.

Can I order quantities greater than those indicated as available?

Yes, just contact us by e-mail indicating the item you want to order and the quantity. Delivery times will be a bit longer because the item must be produced; please consider that our products are completely handmade.

Why can't I select more than 30 kg of products?

Once you reach 30 kg, the system does not let you proceed with the order because we prefer to be contacted directly and organise a personalized shipment for you to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. This is because our products are fragile and need special packaging.
For this reason, please contact us at

Do you ship outside Europe?

We ship worldwide but as our items are particularly fragile and need special packaging, we prefer to be contacted by you so that we can find the best shipping conditions in terms of time and costs based on your destination.

For orders from countries outside Europe, please send an email to stating the items you wish to order so that we can send you information on shipping costs and payment method.

Can I customise an article?
Yes, some of our articles can be customised insofar as size and decorations are concerned. For information, please contact us by e-mail specifying your request. This service is not provided for single items but only for orders of more than 20 pieces.
What should I do if the product arrives damaged?

If the product you have purchased arrives damaged, please report the damage to our costumer-care, and include photographs of the product and packaging. We will solve the problem in the shortest time possible. By mutual agreement, we will either send a new product or a refund.

Are the spots or veins on the alabaster a defect?

No, veins and spots are natural inclusions of clay and metal oxides that make each object a unique piece.

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