Guided tours

We organise educational workshops to learn about the different steps involved in the processing of this noble stone.

From raw alabaster to the finished product.

The alabaster craftsperson: a vocation worth rediscovering

Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro organises guided tours of its atelier for groups or students of any level or course to spread the knowledge of an artistic craftsmanship as exquisite as that of alabaster.


Group welcome in the historic hall

Screening of a video on the link between Volterra and alabaster craftsmanship

Workshop demonstration by the master craftspersons (turner, ornamenter, sculptor) of the various traditional processing techniques

Shopping in our display hall

Groups up to 20 participants: lump-sum of € 100,00
More than 20 participants: € 5,00 per person

Bus parking and Rest area:




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whatsapp +39 371 3303525

Prior booking required

During the guided tour you will discover how the Artisan Turner manages to shape a small object such as a jar, a bowl or an egg from a simple piece of alabaster, or admire the Sculptor carving a little animal with short and sharp strikes or adorning a vase or a dish freehand or following a design. The finishing steps that will make the objects unique will also be illustrated.

The large historic room, where works that retrace more than one hundred years of history of Cooperativa Artieri are exhibited, also serves as a video room. Indeed, the visit can be preceded by the screening of a film about Volterra and alabaster processing.

The cooperative also has two shops, one located at its headquarters, the other in Piazza dei Priori, in the town centre.

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